Our Vision

People with special needs shall be protected from abuse, neglect and mistreatment.  This will be accomplished by assuring that the state maintains the nation’s highest standards of health, safety and dignity; and by supporting the dedicated men and women who provide services.

Our Mission

The Justice Center is committed to supporting and protecting the health, safety, and dignity of all people with special needs and disabilities through advocacy of their civil rights, prevention of mistreatment, and investigation of all allegations of abuse and neglect so that appropriate actions are taken.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

  • Integrity:  The Justice Center believes that all people with special needs deserve to be treated with respect and that people’s rights should be protected.
  • Quality:  The Justice Center is committed to providing superior services and to ensuring that people with special needs receive quality care.  
  • Accountability:  The Justice Center understands that accountability to the people we serve and the public is paramount.  
  • Education:  The Justice Center believes that outreach, training, and the promotion of best practices are critical to affect systems change.
  • Collaboration:  Safe-guarding people with special needs is a shared responsibility, and the Justice Center is successful because it works with agencies, providers, people who provide direct services, and people with special needs to prevent abuse and neglect.