Must I still call the Death Reporting Line if I have already made a report to the Vulnerable Persons Central Register (VPCR) Hotline?

The requirement for Directors (or their designee) to report a death does not preclude the mandated reporters obligation to report to the VCPR Hotline all instances or abuse and neglect or significant incidents including those that may result in a death.

Mandated reporters are not relieved of this duty to report if their Facility Director (or their designee) has already called the VPCR Death Reporting Line.  The same obligation applies to the Facility Director (or their designee)--a report by a mandated reporter to the VPCR Hotline does not relieve them of their duty to report the death to the VPCR Death Reporting Line.

What information will I be asked to provide?
  • The full legal name & date of birth of the deceased;
  • Date, time, location of death;
  • Description of events leading to and circumstances of death that may:

                                                    i.            Have resulted from an accidental cause;
ii.           Have resulted from an apparent homicide or suicide;
iii.          Have resulted from a medication error or overdose
iv.         Have resulted from the use of a controlled substance or alcohol;
v.          Have resulted from the attempted use or restraint or seclusion;
vi.        Have occurred within 72 hours of the use of restraint or seclusion; or 
vii.       Be an unexplained death.

  •  The name, job title and contact information of the person making the report, including whether or not the individual is the facility director, or designee of the facility director.


When should a death report be made?
  • Notification should be made immediately upon discovery (witnessing or learning) of the death, and in no event later than 24 hours after the discovery.
  • A report of any autopsy performed on the decedent must be submitted to the Justice Center within 60 working days, provided that the Justice Center may extend that timeframe for good cause shown.
How do I report a death?

The Director (or their designee) shall report the death by calling the VPCR Death Reporting Line at 1-855-373-2124.  The Death Reporting Line receives reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*** A death form (found on the Justice Center website under the “Service Provider” and “Forms” portals) must also be submitted to the Justice Center within 5 working days of the discovery of a death via fax (518-549-0465) to the Justice Center Death Investigation Unit. 

What deaths must be reported?
  • The death of an individual who is receiving services from a facility or program over which the Justice Center has Jurisdiction;
  • The death of an individual who had received services from covered facilities or programs in the 30 days preceding their death; and
  • The deaths of individuals in Department of Health (DOH) licensed adult homes or DOH licensed residences for adults, if the person had at any time received services from a mental hygiene service provider.
Who must report a death?

Every Director (or designee) of a facility or program over which the Justice Center has jurisdiction must make a report.