Recognizing the Dedicated Workforce
2023 Code of Conduct & Champion Awards
The Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is pleased to announce its Code of Conduct and Champion Award winners for 2023. These awards honor individuals and groups who work tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals with special needs in New York State.

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Introduction to the Justice Center

Pre-employment Checks
Protecting Individuals in Care
The Justice Center works hand in hand with providers to prevent individuals with troublesome histories from working with vulnerable populations. The Staff Exclusion List (SEL) and Criminal Background checks of prospective employees and volunteers who will work directly with individuals with special needs are required by law, with the intention of stopping abuse or neglect before it happens.
Serving Vulnerable New Yorkers
Find Help

The Justice Center has advocates available to help victims and their families or personal representatives during an investigation.  Advocates can answer questions about the processes of the agency and give case updates. 


The Justice Center investigates allegations of abuse or neglect of individuals with special needs.  Every allegation is investigated to conclusion.

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