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Advocacy & Support

Resources available to help individuals receiving services and their families or personal representatives.
Individual and Family Support
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Advocacy Services

The Justice Center has advocates available to help victims and their families or personal representatives.  Advocates can answer questions about the processes of the agency as well as Justice Center investigations, and give case updates.

Accompaniment Services

The Justice Center supports victims and their families during the reporting and investigation process.  Agency advocates are available to accompany victims to interviews and criminal court proceedings stemming from Justice Center investigations to provide comfort in an unfamiliar situation. 


Justice Center advocates can connect individuals with needed services and resources.  This can include referring individuals receiving services to other services offered through New York State. 

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Surrogate Decision-Making Committee
The Surrogate Decision-Making Committee (SDMC) is a program for individuals who lack the capacity to provide informed consent for medical decisions and who do not have a designated representative to do so. This can include end-of-life care.
SDMC volunteers serve on panels across the state on an as-needed basis. They are specially trained to review situations submitted by physicians on a case-by-case basis and render a decision on medical needs. This service is offered free of charge to all New York State residents.