The Incident Review and Assignment (Triage) Unit is responsible for four major functions:

Queue – Reviews all serious allegations of abuse and neglect and makes investigations assignments to the NYS Justice Center regions.  Criminality is assessed and law enforcement and district attorney notifications are made on the cases deemed criminal.  Conducts a review in the VPCR of the subject(s)’, victim(s)’ and provider’s history.  Responds to all questions in the mailbox: [email protected].  Uploads audio recordings of allegations to case records when relevant.

72 Hour Assessment – Conducts a preliminary review within three business days of allegations of abuse/neglect that lack specificity by obtaining additional information from the provider agency to support an evidence based classification and assignment. Conducts a review in the VPCR of the subject(s)’, victim(s)’ and provider’s history. Contacts law enforcement when appropriate.  Responds to all emails to in the mailbox: [email protected].

State Central Registry Checks – Completes State Central Registry checks on all subjects named in investigations of abuse/neglect.  The results are documented in the VPCR.  Indicated reports are redacted and shared with authorized personnel from the agency except for the Department of Health.  Responds to all emails in the mailbox: [email protected].

State Oversight Agency Investigations – Responsible for the review of State Oversight Agency-led investigations and their designated providers' investigations to ensure the comprehensive completion of investigations. Additionally, Triage makes referrals to the Justice Center’s Prevention and Quality Improvement and Individual and Family Support Services units as appropriate.