Investigations & Appeals


The Justice Center investigates, reviews, and makes findings in allegations of abuse and neglect by staff against individuals receiving services.  In addition, the agency reviews all deaths that occur in settings under Justice Center jurisdiction and investigates those involving allegations of abuse and neglect.  The Justice Center does not interrogate, arrest, or prosecute individuals who receive services.  

Staff substantiated for abuse or neglect have the right to appeal their case.

Types of Justice Center Cases

Allegations of abuse or neglect that meet the legal definition of administrative violations under the Social Services Law.  While serious, these cases do not support criminal charges.  Local District Attorneys are notified of all of these allegations. 


Allegations of abuse or neglect that indicate potential criminal conduct as defined by the penal code.  These investigations can result in criminal charges. Local District Attorneys are notified of all of these allegations and the Justice Center works with local law enforcement on cases as needed.

Roles for Providers in Investigations
State Oversight Agencies and providers may be required to perform certain functions in the course of an investigation. These can include interviewing victims and witnesses, submitting investigatory reports and documents, and reporting any administrative actions taken as the result of a substantiated report.

Appeals Process