The Justice Center Medical Review Board is composed of up to 15 members, including specialists in forensic pathology, psychiatry, internal medicine and addiction medicine. The Board’s duties include making preliminary determinations regarding the death of any person with special needs  who was receiving services or supports at a state operated, licensed or certified facility or program when the death is deemed unusual or appears to have resulted from other than natural causes and warrants investigation.

The Board, or its designee, may investigate the causes and/or the circumstances surrounding an unusual death or a death from other than natural causes. Investigations may include an inspection of the facility where the death occurred and include an autopsy if necessary to determine the cause of death.  Upon conclusion of such review, a report is issued to the Justice Center’s Executive Director and to the appropriate commissioner of the agency that oversees the facility and to the director of the facility. Where appropriate, the Board’s report may include recommendations to prevent recurrence.

An additional function of the Board includes advising the Justice Center’s Executive Director on medical issues relevant to the functions and duties of the Justice Center, including allegations of abuse or neglect that are referred to it.

Board members are appointed by the Governor and serve either a one-year or two-year term. Board members are unsalaried and are reimbursed only for related expenses in connection with their official duties.