The Justice Center maintains a statewide register known as the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) which contains the names of individuals (e.g., employee, volunteer, intern, consultant, contractor) found responsible for serious or repeated acts of abuse and neglect.  Individuals on the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) will be prohibited from being hired by any state operated, certified or licensed agencies/providers that serve people with special needs. 

Who is required to conduct a Staff Exclusion List check?

SEL Check procedure:

1. Complete and submit an Authorized Person Designation Statement Form. Be sure to include the provider identification number or agency code issued by the Provider’s State Oversight Agency where requested on the Form.

          Most Providers required to check the SEL should submit the form found on the following link: Authorized Person Designation Statement Form Justice Center Staff Exclusion List (SEL) Check

          Day Care Center (DCC) or School Age Child Care (SACC) provider licensed by NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) should submit the form found on the following link: Authorized Person Designation Form Justice Center Staff Exclusion List (SEL) Check (For OCFS Day Care Center and School Age Child Care Programs)
Please note – Family, Group Family and Small Day Care Providers licensed by OCFS should not submit this Form.     

2. Within three business days upon the Justice Center’s receipt of a fully completed AP form which includes a legible email address for the AP and accurate provider identification/agency code, the Authorized Person will receive an email with a link to the SEL online webform and instruction to conduct all SEL check requests online.

3. When the AP enters the applicant’s information and submits the SEL check request in the online webform a confirmation number is generated. A response will be sent from [email protected] on the same day that the SEL check request is submitted.

     A few Providers’ email systems sends the SEL responses to a spam or junk email folder. If the AP submits the SEL check request via the online webform, receives a confirmation number and does not receive a response on the same day, the following steps should be taken:         

  • Step 1 : Check in spam/junk email folders to see if an email has been received from [email protected] mailbox.
  • Step 2: If there is no luck with Step 1, reach out to your technical support staff to check if the emails coming out of VPCR are getting quarantined. Your technical support staff can check if the VPCR emails are being received on the domain by searching with the text “SEL Inquiry” or the Authorized Person’s email address. This should help your technical support staff to identify the potential issue and release emails to the users.       
  • Step 3: If your technical support staff is not able to trace any emails from VPCR, please call to NYS ITS Customer Care center at 1-800-697-1323, explain the issue, provide the date of SEL request, along with the Authorized Person’s and provider’s ITS contact’s email address and phone numbers. VPCR Technical team will follow-up and respond.

4. If you have submitted an AP form for SEL checks and your email address is not accepted in the SEL check online webform or not all of your programs are included in the webform, please send an email describing the issue to [email protected] with the AP name, email address and Provider name.

5. A Social Security Number (SSN) or Alien Registration Number (ARN) is required to conduct a SEL check request via the online webform. The regulation, 14 NYCRR Part 702, provides the authority to collect SSN for applicants subject to a SEL check. If an applicant has a SSN or ARN, it must be provided if they are seeking a position that requires a check of the SEL.

6. If an applicant does not have a SSN or ARN, please complete and submit the form found at the following link to [email protected] to initiate the manual SEL check request process. A response should be received within three business days upon the Justice Center's receipt.