Please be advised that the Justice Center regulation concerning CBC is 14 NYCRR Part 701 and is found on the Resources tab of the Justice Center website or the following link:
It requires Providers to implement a policy/procedure designed to implement the provisions of the regulation.

In particular, a Provider’s policy/procedure should address:

  • criminal history requests as well as actions taken in response to the CBC determination, please see 14 NYCRR 701.5 and .6 for specific requirements;
  • the temporary approval of applicants pending the results of the CBC,please see 14 NYCRR 701.5(f) for specific information to include;
  • safety assessments upon receipt of a subsequent arrest notification,please see 14 NYCRR 701.7(b) for specific information to include; and
  • responsibilities concerning record keeping, notifications to the CBC system concerning the change in status of an applicant or subject individual and disposal of information, please see 14 NYCRR 701.8 for specific information to include.

The Justice Center has prepared a Draft Sample CBC policy and procedure for Providers consideration.