Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO)

Counties Served

Suffolk Independent Living Organization
3253 Rt. 112, Bldg. 10
Medford, NY 11763
United States

Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO)

Program Details

The Suffolk Independent Living Organization provides numerous services related to assistive technology. They are also offering waiver information, advocacy, and benefits advisement. Staff participate in a number of outreach activities and can often be found participating in conferences and tabling events. SILO frequently collaborates with other organizations to offer services to Long Islanders in need

What TRAID Does

Regional TRAID Centers provide: 

  • Device loans for people to try at home, school, work, and in their communities.
  • Demonstrations to compare different devices.
  • Trainings for professionals and others.
  • Information and referrals.
  • Device donations, reutilization, and repair.
  • Public awareness at tabling events, conferences, etc. 

Success Stories

A little girl and her family came to their local TRAID center. She is on a liver transplant list and has other cognitive and physical delays. The RTC loaned her family this stroller/activity chair so it would be easy for her mother to get her to the various doctors’ appointments and to ensure she was as comfortable as possible. The family reported that they are grateful for the program and the ease of the loans.