Mandated Reporters

Individuals who are required, by law, to report incidents to the Justice Center.

Who is a Mandated Reporter?

Certain employees and human services professionals are mandated reporters. Mandated reporters are required to report reportable incidents involving vulnerable persons to the Justice Center.  

What Employees are Mandated Reporters?

Individuals who are employed by, or volunteer at, state operated, licensed, or certified facilities or agencies under the Justice Center's jurisdiction are mandated reporters.  Consultants, volunteers, or contractors of organizations or companies that contract with facilities and agencies under the Justice Center's jurisdiction are also considered to be custodians if they have regular and substantial contact with a person receiving services.

What Human Services Professionals are Mandated Reporters?

Human services professionals are those who may not see a service recipient on a daily basis, but who interact with the individual during the course of providing professional services. They are required to report when, while acting in their official or professional capacity, they are presented with information which gives them reasonable cause to suspect a reportable incident has occurred.

Helpful Information

Find out if you are a mandated reporter, when reporting is required, and what types of incidents are reportable.

Online Trainings

The Justice Center offers video training sessions for mandated reporters.  Here you can learn about your responsibilities as well as hear an example of a recorded call being made to report an incident.