Comfort Rooms

A comfort room is a designated space that is designed in a way that is calming to the senses and where the user can experience visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile stimuli. It is furnished with items that are physically comfortable and pleasing to the senses in order to provide a sanctuary from stress. It is also used as a tool to teach individuals calming techniques in order to decrease agitation and aggressive behavior.

YAI Resource Center

The YAI Resource Center is an membership-based training tool addressing a full range of ages, abilities and types of programs in the field consisting of staff trainings, creative activities and lesson plans for working with people with ID/DD, and access to experts discussing critical issues.

The Circles Curriculum

The Circles Video Modeling curriculum teaches relationship boundaries and relationship-specific behaviors, using a simple multi-layer circle diagram to demonstrate the different relationship levels students with learning disabilities, mild to severe mental disabilities, emotional handicaps, autism, sensory impairments and affective disorders will encounter in daily life.


PROMOTE (Positive Relationships Offer More Opportunities to Everyone), a new training program developed by the NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities focuses on decreasing the use of restrictive interventions.


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