The Abuse and Neglect Outcome Advisory is a report generated monthly and contains information on the administrative outcome of abuse and neglect cases, as determined by the Justice Center. This report only reflects the administrative findings and not the results of any criminal proceeding. If a corollary criminal case exists, the administrative finding may occur either prior to or after the completion of the criminal case. Every case of abuse and neglect called into the VPCR undergoes an administrative investigation that results in a finding as to whether the allegations or abuse or neglect are substantiated or unsubstantiated. Note that administrative cases are reviewed with an evidentiary standard of preponderance of the evidence of whether a case of abuse or neglect has been committed. Additionally, in cases where subjects have been substantiated, they have a statutory right to appeal the finding. The Abuse and Neglect Outcome Advisory does not reflect whether a subject has sought to appeal the determination or the outcome any appeal. Any questions may be forwarded to your regional Assistant Special Prosecutor or to [email protected].