The Daily Abuse and Neglect Case Advisory is a list of all cases of abuse and neglect called into the Justice Center’s Vulnerable Person Central Register (VPCR) in the past 24 hours. Social Services Law §492(3)(b) requires the Justice Center to notify the appropriate district attorney or law enforcement agency when the VPCR receives a report of allegations of criminal conduct or other acts or circumstances that may constitute an immediate threat to the health, safety or welfare of a service recipient. The “Daily Abuse and Neglect Case Advisory” contains cases that the Justice Center believes may meet this criteria, including cases that it has preliminary classified as either criminal or non-criminal, or those that include both categories of allegations. All cases of abuse and neglect called into the VPCR undergo an administrative investigation. Below is an explanation of the terms contained in the Daily Abuse and Neglect Case Advisory. Any questions may be forwarded to your regional Assistant Special Prosecutor or to [email protected].