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Keyword Title Document Type Initial Issuance Date Updated/ Revised
Abuse/Neglect Definitions of Abuse and Neglect List 2013
Administrative Appeals Process What You Need to Know About The Appeal Process Guidance 2017 2017
Background Checks Applicant Consent Form for Fingerprinting for Justice Center Criminal Background Check (Revised 3/2017) Form
Background Checks Authorized Person Designation and Sworn Statement Form for CBC (Fillable form) Form 2013 2018
Background Checks Authorized Person Revocation Form (Fillable Form) Form 2013
Background Checks Frequently Asked Questions - Criminal Background Checks Process FAQ 2013 2013
Background Checks Personal Criminal History Information Review Form 2013 2019
Chapter 394 Protocols Justice Center Protocols for Interviewing People Who Receive Services Protocol 2015 2015
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Form 2013 2016
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct Letter & Guidelines 2016 2016
Code of Conduct Comparison of Old and New Code of Conduct Guidance 2016 2016
CQC Commission on Quality of Care Archives Archives 2013
Death Report Instructions for Completing a Report of Death Form to the Justice Center Guidance 2013
Death Report Report a Death Form Form 2013 2019
FOIL FOIL Subject Matter List List 2014 2016
FOIL Frequently Asked Questions - Provider Disclosure Small Business Guide to Provider FAQ 2013 2013
Individual and Family Support Justice Center - Death Assessments & Investigations Brochure 2017 2018
Individual and Family Support Justice Center Resource Card Brochure 2016 2016
Individual and Family Support Reporting and Investigations Process Explained Guidance 2015 2015
Investigations Abuse and Neglect Investigation: Personal Representative Notification Documentation Form - Optional Template Form 2015 2015
Investigations Case Submission Checklist – SOA Investigators Checklist 2015 2019
Investigations Justice Center Protocols for Interviewing People who Receive Services Form 2015 2015
Investigations Requesting SCR checks for suspects in ALL abuse/neglect cases Guidance 2015
Investigations What to Expect if You Are Involved in a Justice Center Investigation: Guidance for Staff and Volunteers Guidance 2014 2018
Jonathan’s Law Frequently Asked Questions - Jonathan's Law FAQ 2014 2014
Jonathan’s Law Jonathan’s Law Incident Notification and Records Access: A Guide for Individuals. Parents and Legal Guardians Brochure 2014 2014
Justice Center Governor Cuomo Announces Opening of Justice Center Press Release
Language Access Access to Services in Your Language: Complaint Form Form
Mandated Reporting Relief from Requirement for Multiple Reporting of Reportable Incidents Guidance 2017 2017
Mandated Reporting Web Intake Incident Form Form 2013 2013
Ombudsperson Program Ombudspersons for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Program Information 2013
Pre-Employment CBC Secure Email Overview & Guidance Information 2014 2014
Pre-Employment Criminal Background Check (CBC) User Guide User Guide 2013
Pre-Employment Guidance for Providers for Staff Exclusion List (SEL) & Criminal Background Checks (CBC) Guidance 2013
Pre-Employment How to Submit an SEL Check via the Webform Webinar 2013 2013
Pre-Employment OPWDD Voluntary Provider ID list Information 2014 2014
Pre-Employment Staff Exclusion List Checks Chart 2013
Reporting Information Partnering to Protect People with Special Needs - A Guide for Reporting Abuse and Neglect Brochure 2016 2016
SDMC Introduction to Surrogate Decision-Making Committee (SDMC) Letter 2013
Staff Exclusion List Authorized Person Designation Statement Form Justice Center Staff Exclusion List (SEL) Check (Fillable form - Revised 10/2017) Form 2013 2017
Staff Exclusion List Request for Staff Exclusion List Check Form (Fax Request Only) (Fillable form - Revised 7/2014) Form 2013
Statewide Central Register Statewide Central Register (SCR) - Process and Protocols Guidance 2017 2017
Statewide Central Register Statewide Central Register (SCR) - Request Form Guidance 2017 2017
VPCR Frequently Asked Questions - VPCR Hotline FAQ 2013 2013
VPCR VPCR User ID and Access Request Form Form 2013
VPCR VPCR User Request Form Instructions Instructions 2013
Vulnerable Persons’ Central Register (VPCR) Hotline Keeping People with Special Needs Safe is Everyone’s Responsibility Poster 2016