Providers and certain employees and volunteers have, by law, responsibilities related to the functions of the Justice Center.  These include running certain pre-employment checks, reporting incidents to the agency, and providing information relevant to an investigation.

For Providers
Pre-Employment Checks
Staff Exclusion List (SEL)

Providers under Justice Center jurisdiction are required to check the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) prior to hiring a prospective employee.  Individuals on the SEL are prohibited from being hired by any agency or provider under Justice Center jurisdiction.  

Criminal Background Checks (CBC)

Providers must request a criminal history background check through the Justice Center prior to hiring a new employee.  The Justice Center reviews the criminal history for prospective employees or volunteers and makes an initial determination regarding whether or not they can be considered for employment.

Reporting an incident
Anyone can make a report about suspected abuse or neglect to the Justice Center. Certain employees, volunteers, and human service professionals are considered mandated reporters under the law. Any mandated reporter who knows of or has reasonable cause to suspect an incident has happened are required to file a report. Reports can be made 24/7 to the Justice Center's hotline at 855-373-2122. Reports can also be made via web form or on the mobile app. Reports of death must be made by calling the hotline.

Video Series

Reporting an Incident

Watch what happens when you make a report to the Justice Center.

Reporting an Incident
Mortality Review
Certain providers under Justice Center jurisdiction are required to report the death of each and every service recipient, regardless of the circumstances. The agency reviews all reports to determine whether an administrative or criminal investigation is warranted.

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Signature for Safety
Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct is a framework for certain employees to help people with special needs “live self-directed, meaningful lives in their communities, free from abuse and neglect, and protected from harm”. Certain employees must read and sign the code upon employment, and annually.