Staff Exclusion List (SEL) Batch Check Template File

Providers now have the opportunity to submit batch SEL checks with up to 100 names at one time.   A specific template file link is provided below which will need to be utilized in order to submit multiple individuals to be checked against the SEL.  

Providers must complete the required columns within the provided template file and then save the file by using File | Save As to save the file in CSV (comma separated value) format.  

  • After file is saved in CSV format, it will be uploaded during the SEL check process. 
  • The required columns will be checked when the provider submits the file for processing.  
  • If the required information is not entered correctly, the file will be rejected.
  • The required information must be entered in the following format on the template file:
    • First Name: Required Field, Must contain only letters or numbers.
    • Last Name: Required Field, Must contain only letters or numbers.
    • Date of Birth: Must be formatted in MM/DD/YYYY format. Cannot be a date in the future.
    • SSN or ARN: Must be either SSN or ARN.
    • SSN or ARN Value: SSN must be all numbers and in format XXX-XX-XXXX. ARN must be 7-11 characters long and can contain only letters and numbers.

Detailed instructions for the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) Batch Check