The Adult Home Advocacy Program, which has been in operation since 1995, is now under the jurisdiction of the Justice Center.  The program assists individuals with mental health disabilities who reside in adult homes in New York City and Long Island in understanding their legal rights and promotes and protects their rights. 

Legal and non-legal advocacy services, training on residents’ rights supporting self-advocacy and leadership initiatives, and the development and support of Resident Councils is provided by qualified non-profit agencies which are awarded contracts through a competitive bidding  process.  These agencies include:

In addition to providing direct services to residents of adult homes, program contractors collaborate with other advocates and services providers who work with adult home residents.  The program has assisted individuals with a wide variety of problems ranging from illegal evictions to accessing personal needs allowance funds.  Advocacy activities have included assisting and supporting residents in their use of Resident Councils, and other leadership venues, addressing problems in their homes and representing residents in lawsuits.