The Justice Center’s Regional TRAID Centers, in collaboration with the NYS Department of Health’s Early Intervention Program, provide an array of services for parents of infants and toddlers (birth to three) who participate in the Early Intervention Program.

Each Regional TRAID Center (RTC) provides an Early Intervention loan service which provides families, Early Intervention Officials (EIOs), service coordinators and provider agencies with access to appropriate assistive technology (AT) devices.  

The Regional TRAID Centers maintain loan closets, update inventory lists, oversee the process for referrals to the lending closet and inform families about their option to recycle devices purchased for their child back to the loan closet.   All devices are cleaned and maintained to ensure they are in good working order for loan.

The Centers also document devise use, including:

  • short term loan and returned
  • borrowed and found to be inappropriate, or
  • borrowed and purchased for the child 

This documentation provides a clear picture of how use of the loaner program results in a cost savings to counties.

A list of the Regional TRAID Centers, with contact information can be found on this website under TRAID Center Locations by Region.