The Justice Center’s abuse prevention efforts are critical to advancing its mission to support and protect the health, safety and dignity of all people with special needs and disabilities. The Spotlight on Prevention - Abuse Prevention Resource Center strives to be a source for up-to-date information, useful guidance and effective tools.

The information contained in the Justice Center’s Spotlight on Prevention is offered as a resource for provider agencies. The documents we provide are not all-encompassing and do not constitute legal advice. These resources are intended to be used as a guide that may be modified as needed to apply to particular types of programs and specific age groups of vulnerable people.

The Justice Center takes a multi-pronged approach to abuse prevention. The agency’s work is informed by a cross-agency Prevention of Abuse and Neglect Work Group and the Justice Center’s Advisory Council.

The Justice Center welcomes suggestions from interested stakeholders on policies and practices to prevent abuse. Suggestions can be sent to: [email protected]