TRAID Volunteer Opportunities

Join the IPAT Board

The Interagency Partnership on Assistive Technology (IPAT) Board provides consumer-responsive, consumer-driven advice for planning, implementation and evaluation of TRAID activities. The board meets twice a year to assist in setting measurable goals and providing feedback on the effectiveness of the program. 

We are seeking volunteers with experience and insight in the assistive technology needs of the disability community to join the IPAT Board.

If you are or someone you know is interested in joining the IPAT board, contact Justice Center TRAID Director Melinda Dolezal at (518) 549-0220 or email [email protected]

Donate Devices

Regional TRAID Centers provide assistive technology to community members in need. Centers accept gently-used equipment and devices. Contact the TRAID Center in your area for details on donating your equipment.

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