Investigating Allegations of Abuse, Neglect and Significant Incidents

In-Person Training

The Office of Incident Reporting and Investigations offers a certificate of completion course for investigators from state and provider agencies subject to Justice Center oversight. The two-day training prepares investigators to conduct administrative investigations into allegations of abuse, neglect and reports of significant incidents, consistent with the requirements of the Protection of People with Special Needs Act. 

Current Training Opportunities

On-Site Training by Request

Experienced Justice Center trainers are also available to deliver this certificate course to providers or provider organizations at no cost at your location. You provide the site and our development staff will handle registration, curriculum and materials to ensure a seamless on-site training event. 

For further information or to request training please contact: [email protected].

Protocols for Interviewing People Who Receive Services

These protocols were developed by the Justice Center to ensure the safety of service recipients during interviews in  the course of all investigations of alleged abuse and neglect conducted by the Justice Center, State Oversight Agencies and the facilities and programs defined in section 488(4) of the Social Services Law when acting as the delegate investigatory entity.